“2 Dads United” is a Must Follow for People Passionate About Soccer

About a year ago I caught on to the podcast game kinda late and started trying to find some content I could follow regularly. Other than soccer, I’m not really super passionate about anything, so I had trouble finding something I could stay consistent with. I started listing to some of the other podcasts out there, but what I found were a few things:

  • I don’t really give too much of a shit about statistics.
  • I already get match highlights/match analysis during the weekend.
  • I don’t like hearing people break down the game that have actually never played or don’t have any experience that relates to playing.¬†

The last mark is in bold because it’s the most important. I’m not a soccer snob by any means, and i’m sitting behind a computer for the majority of the day just like the majority of people because I didn’t do what it takes to have a career playing football. I don’t think people who haven’t played cant have an opinion or don’t do a good job, but i realized they are often interested in other things than I am.

Nothing can replace playing the game, but ultimately I was looking for some content that made me feel like I was playing again. Whenever I watch soccer or listen to analysts i’m often wondering what the players are thinking, what its like for those players to play together, what the coach is thinking on the bench. That was always the best part of the game for me, everything that actually goes into it in addition to the skill. Mentality, teamwork, methodologies, etc.

In come Stu Holden and Steve Nash. Lets. Fucking. Go.

I’m in my twenties, so Stu was always a player I was pumped to watch growing up. Steve is a sporting legend and a soccer fanatic. They both are part of the ownership group with RCD Mallorca (I’m a huge La Liga guy and Venezuelan so used to watch Juan Arango tear shit up with Mallorca). It’s the perfect storm of sporting and soccer content.

2 Dads United is the name of their podcast and they post some video content as well. It’s way less formal than some of the other shows out there which is pretty refreshing and its got a real “shoot the shit” vibe. The coolest part about it, is that you can tell they are asking questions based on their experiences as players, teammates, and now even owners. In the couple of interviews they’ve had with guests, they’ve really gotten the most of out of the guys and pushed into some of the personal details of thought processes, emotions, and experiences.

The most recent episode features Bob Bradley – who I regrettably shit on sometimes when I was growing up, without really understanding everything that went into the game yet. I respect him alot more now, and when I snapped out of it I actually realized how amazing what he’s been able to accomplish really is. Check the wikipedia if you need facts, haters I’m still pretty convinced he looks like Voldemort sometimes, but that really doesn’t have to do with what i’m getting at right now. Episode Below:

If you watched that, good for you. If not, they’ve got some pretty badass episodes out about youth development, fan culture, some NBA chat, and an interview with Charlie Davies. Bottom line if you’re a soccer player/fan interested in more than just buzzfeed type news and like getting into the mind of people around sports this is a Must Listen.

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