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Why Jermaine Jones Claiming his Draw to New England was Rigged Matters

If you follow Jermaine Jones on Instagram you’ve probably seen some of his live rants. I think some people tend to brush him off because his demeanor is pretty out there, but at the end of the day the guy is a world class footballer. We haven’t had a ton of those in the US jersey, so I think we need to listen. Before tonight his most popular video was the Jordan Morris Bremen rant, which I fucking loved.

Jermaine doesn’t hold back on having an opinion, and thats what makes me respect the hell out of him. It’s not about handshakes and friends, the guy just loves the game. His most recent rant was surfaced by Grant Wahl a few hours ago. Jermaine took a jab at MLS commissioner Don Garber aka Judas for apparently rigging the blind draw in 2014 between Chicago and New England. Unfortunately, he didn’t share his live video this time, which means its gone forever (for now). Garber has refused to comment and Brian Biello, New England Revolution President, tweeted the response below.

Fucking odd response no? “Hey I was present on the video conference”… alright… and? Hate to sound like a crazy conspiracy artist here but I just don’t see why Jermaine would make something like this up.

Why does it all matter?

It’s just another example of the MLS being a league for investors and not the fans, players, communities, or the sport itself. We are constantly sold the MLS is great, they are doing an EXCELLENT job, etc. I call bullshit. What if all this sport needed was time? Does MLS effort on social media actually fucking matter to the brand? Have Corporate sponsors helped to “grow the sport”. Have Developmental Academies, which are actually white labeled local clubs that have been around for YEARS, really been a product of the MLS?

I continuously wait for the day I want to get engaged with MLS. I wait for the day me and a bunch has beens who play 4 times a week say fuck it and buy into our cities team. I wait for the day i’ll get to see the guys playing at a high level who love the game in their city get to wear a jersey and have their community support them. MLS’s goal is to take investor buy in of whatever the fuck it is now (100M) and promise them that it will grow 5X. Meanwhile they don’t give a shit about the players, fans, and developing markets (Sacramento, Cincy, St Louis, etc.) they leave in the dust.

Its time we stop rewarding shit ownership and political board members in this country. If you didn’t grow up around the game – run the books, don’t run the fucking league.


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