New Soccer Lifestyle Brands to Follow

I’ve been all over new threads lately, and on the hunt for some new brands. SoccerBible does a pretty good job of getting the releases from big brand collabs with designers, but the stuff usually sells out pretty damn fast. I’ve come across a couple dope brands recently and figured i’d share.

Tens Club releases products monthly and you can sign up for the newsletter by visiting the site. Their new Becks top coming out in February is FIRE so I suggest you sign up before the 10th.

Nivelcrack is a brand I constantly check stock on but haven’t been able to get the pieces i’m looking for. They’ve got a cool mix of hats, tops, jackets, etc. Definitely will have your buddies asking where the hell you found the stuff.

Future Collective is a little less urban and has a touch of class. Some pretty badass crewnecks especially if you’re a Liverpool, Milan, Barca, or Bayern fan.

Collective Celebration  is a new brand one of my favorite MLS players just launched. Lee Nguyen of the New England Revolution looks like he’s just getting started with this as they’ve only got a couple tees out. Should be interesting to see where he takes it over the next year or two.

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